Perfect solid Foam Filled tires 10-16.5 12-16.5 14-17.5 15-19.5 11L-16

Type: Foam Filled tires
sizes very many 10-16.5 12-16.5 14-17.5 15-19.5 11L-16 etc

Foam Filled tires 10-16.5 12-16.5 14-17.5 15-19.5 11L-16

Rubber tyred utility vehicles; shield hauler, utility loader, shuttle car, forklift car, aerial work carriage.

Your heavy machine with foam solid tire can work in very bad ground full of nails, glass cullet, ankle metal sheets and broken stones etc.

With foam-fill , you’ll never worry about tire burstand working stopped.It provides you better and safer solution.

use general pneumatic tires filled with low-hardness foam polyurethane elastic materials, whose hardness is usually Shore A10~20. Therefore, these tires have the advantages of both the solid tires and pneumatic tires, such as good cushioning properties, high loading ability, good shock absorption, and high running speed amounting to 80km/ h.

Polyurethane filling tires (liquid filler, foam filler) enable the working vehicles to run on the roads of nails, broken glass, sharp metals, gravels, without the possibility of stopping working because of flat tires. Using the polyurethane filling tires is a convenient and safe solution to solve the problems of flat tires in above-mentioned conditions.

Polyurethane filled tyres advantages:

1. Filled with high elastic, low hardness polyurethane material, have the character of high tenacity, spring back, and absorption;

2. Good puncture resistance, can work normally even be impaled;

3. Good control stability, safe, can effectively prevent the tire burst on the person and vehicle damage;

4. Enhancement at the side of tires, make full use of scratch resistance performance while under the mine;

5. With good traction and braking ability on both dry and wet ground;

6. High load capacity

7. The polyurethane filling tires are suitable for large engineering vehicle, especially for mining industry. For example:

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