Forklift tire maintenance details

The design requirements for forklift tires are very high, and the basic rubber tread is strengthened to provide additional protection and effectively avoid collisions and puncture tires. The ultra-wide sidewall design improves the durability of the tire while also providing good impact resistance. Strictly speaking, the used forklift tires have compact structure, small turning radius and small ground clearance, and are suitable for flat and solid roads. For general enterprises, this is a relatively suitable choice.
In the preventive maintenance process, avoid cleaning the forklift tires. There are many main reasons for the failure. However, small failures will occur if debris, dust, etc. are not removed for a long time. Therefore, in the preventive maintenance work, you must do a good job of cleaning. jobs.

For lubricating oil, check the oil quantity regularly to avoid poor working condition and serious wear and replenish the oil in time.
Pay attention to vulnerable parts, and do a small amount of reserve work on the work for some vulnerable parts. In an emergency, accurately determine the fault location. If you want to replace the wearing parts, you can handle it yourself.

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