FRT02 lift truck tires permium quality

Type: lift truck tires
Brand Name: Friendway
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container or discussed
Size : 3.50-5 5.00-8 15×4 1/2-8 (125/75-8) 16×6-8 (150/75-8) 6.00-9
21×8-9 (200/75-9) 6.50-10 23×9-10(225/75-10) 200/50-10 7.00-12
23×10-12(250/60-12)  27×10-12(250/75-12) 28×9-15(8.15-15)/225/75-15

the lift truck tires importance:

1 Lift truck Tires are all about compromise. A tire with exceptional mileage will not have the best traction. And a tire that grips surfaces well will have a shorter life. There’s no such thing as a perfect tire with optimal tread life, traction and durability.
2 Selecting the right lift truck tires for the right material handling application will reduce downtime and overhead costs and keep vehicles moving. That’s why application is everything when it comes to tires.
3 The secret to successful tire selection is fitting the tire to its intended use. Knowing which tire to use, when, can protect your vehicle investment, avoid costly downtime and keep operations running smoothly.
4 Unfortunately, tires often rank at the bottom of the list of priorities for a material handling manager. They are one of the most overlooked components on a powered vehicle. Lift trucks, reach trucks, order pickers and other vehicles used in distribution centers and manufacturing facilities run relentlessly, ensuring the flow of product through the facility. The role of tires in this process is underestimated, and they are rarely, if ever, examined.
5 It seems the forgotten tire is only considered when there’s a problem, such as a puncture. Taking a more active look at the way tires are used in a facility can help prevent these costly problems in the first place.
6 The small industrial tire is the only source of cushioning and support for a lift truck and its loads. If a lift truck is equipped with the wrong tires for the application, the result is vehicle damage, reduced equipment life and increased maintenance costs.

our lift truck tires advantage

1 It has the advantages of high load , wide grounding area, strong seizingforce,low rolling resistance, lowenergy consumption etc
2 applicable to all kinds of forklift truck, lifting equipment, widely used in airports, entertainmenta places, coal mines, construction sites, container loading field, industrial and mining enterprises, food/beverage factory, glass factory, rubbish station , material handling , army, port, waste recycling,steel mill, lumver progressing factory and warehouse and other places

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PatternSIZE (inch)Rim Size(inch)Outside DiameterSection WidthWeight LOAD drive 10KM LOAD steer 10KM LOAD drive 25KM LOAD steer 25KM
FRT0215×4 1/2-8 (125/75-8)3.0;3.3337510610905725805605
FRT0216×6-8 (150/75-8)4.33405135151500120013451010
FRT0221×8-9 (200/75-9)6.0516178352810225025301895


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