global excel tyres-Share some knowledge points of pneumatic tires

Details you should know about pneumatic tires
Design principle? How to save? What are the advantages?
In this issue, friendway tires takes you to simply explore the structure, working principle, product advantages and storage methods of pneumatic tires.

Brief design principle:
Pneumatic tires, as the name suggests, are compared to solid tires. The carcass is filled with air to cushion the impact of the tire. In addition to air, the tire carcass is made up of multiple layers of rubber cords, and the protection of the entire tire is all given to the tread structure and sidewall structure. Therefore, the job of bearing the tire load is done by the internal air, not by the rubber.
This requires a pneumatic tire to have an absolutely solid “rubber shell” to conserve air, so that the tire provides a stronger load capacity. Friendway’s pneumatic tire T-900 has a higher number of layers (for example, the number of layers for 250-15 and 300-15 specifications is 20), that is, a stronger outer shell, which can better store internal air to achieve better A wide range of security applications.
Tips for storing pneumatic tires
Did you know that if a pneumatic tire is equipped with a rim, it should only be hit at 50% of the normal air pressure when stored. Choose indoor storage and avoid contact with pipes and radiators. The storage temperature should be lower than 35°C, preferably lower than 25°C. At temperatures above 50°C, especially those storage conditions without proper inventory circulation, tires may experience accelerated deterioration of different properties, which will affect their service life and safe production.
Advantages of friendway pneumatic tires

  1. Block pattern design
    Reduce the pressure per unit area and extend the service life;
  2. Carcass strengthening
    Avoid accidental impact and provide higher stability;
  3. Balanced temperature rise control and rolling resistance
    A better balance is made between rolling resistance and tire heat generation, and it can still have good heat dissipation performance and fuel consumption savings under high-speed and long-distance operations;
  4. Comfortable driving experience
    Fully absorb bumps and provide a comfortable driving experience;
  5. Improved rim protection
    The new matching method can avoid the danger of falling off the ring, and the rim retaining ring on the sidewall can also provide protection for the rim to a certain extent.

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