great forklift wheels and tires 6.00-9 etc

Type: forklift wheels and tires
Brand Name: Friendway
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container or discussed
Size : 4.00-8 5.00-8 6.00-9 21×8-9 (200/75-9) 6.50-10
23×9-10 (225/75-10) 200/50-10 7.00-12 23×10-12(250/60-12)
27×10-12(250/75-12) 7.00-15 7.00-16 7.50-15 7.50-16
8.25-15 28×9-15(8.15-15)225/75-15 250-15 (250/70-15)

1 forklift wheels and tires


global excel tyres do produce forklift wheels and tires located in qingdao china
1 Forklift Tires and Wheels come in different types, depending on their intended use. Commonly used types of forklift tires are pneumatic, solid and polyurethane. They are generally press-on or standard. Press-on tires are simpler to install on a forklift. Whereas, standard tires are installed onto the wheel, exactly like the automobiles. Standard tires are better used for the outdoor terrain than the press-on. On the other hand, press-on tires are usually found on electric forklifts and are used for indoors.
2  Pneumatic tires are made of tough rubber, which is very resistant to wearing down. They have a thick and deep tread and are filled with air, similar to truck tires. The operating life of the forklift is extended with the use of the pneumatic tires because it accommodates the forklift with an air cushion from the ground conditions.
3 Due to the durability of the pneumatic tires and its long lifespan, they are typically found to be used outdoors, in rough terrain, such as construction and mining sites.
4 An alternative to the pneumatic tires are solid rubber tires. Similar to the pneumatic tires, they are made of rubber with thick and deep tread. But, instead of being filled with air, providing an air cushion like the pneumatic tires, they are solid and never go flat. They are excellent to use indoors or light use outdoors. But, the solid tires cannot extend the life of a forklift and are not recommended for long outdoor use, especially in rough terrains.
5 Polyurethane tires are generally used for indoors. The material has the correct amount of traction indoors and have little rolling resistance. Electric forklifts typically use them and they are pressed onto the wheel.


Replacing the Tires


1 Determining when to change the tires can be simple because many tires have a wear bar indicator. Also, if the tire wear is nearing the imprinted area of the brand name, it should be replaced. Some other signs of wear are easier to distinguish such as cracks along the side of the rubber of the tire.
2 Replacing the worn down or damaged forklift tires is extremely important as it promotes safety and ensures productivity. When the traction of the tire is worn down, the forklift will have trouble coming to a complete stop, which is of a safety concern. When the circumference of the tire is smaller due to wear, the productivity and fuel consumption of the vehicle will be an issue because it will take more revolutions of the wheels to perform the same task. Finally, a bigger clearance between the bottom of the forklift and the terrain below provides less chances of damage to the forklift, which can be very costly.
3 The worn down or damaged forklift tires and wheels should be replaced immediately to avoid any possible problems that may arise. Solid Lift Parts Inc. provides tires and wheels for all makes and models at inexpensive prices. Contact your parts specialist today!


Our Forklift Tires and Wheels advantage


Solid sperelastic wheels for 3-ply forklift truck.
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, manufacturing expertise and quality systems ensure a reliable superior product that meets the highest standards in its class.
We use high quality compounds to significantly reduce heat and build our tyres using unique technology to maximize heat dissipation, which means better performance and longer service life.
High performance capacity. – Low rolling resistance technology for maximum tyre life.
Shock absorbing effect to improve operator comfort and reduce fatigue.
Low heat absorption to maximize load capacity and improve tire life.
Substantial cost savings.
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PatternSIZE (inch)Rim Size(inch)Outside DiameterSection WidthWeight LOAD drive 10KM LOAD steer 10KM LOAD drive 25KM LOAD steer 25KMCLIP/CLICK/LOC /EASY FIT
FRT0121×8-9 (200/75-9)6.0516178352810225025301895
FRT0123×9-10 (225/75-10)6.50565185443420273530752305
FRT01250-15 (250/70-15)7.0700202724365349039302955


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