How much do you know about tire markings

Tire size: The tire size is usually expressed by a set of numbers. The first number represents the width of the tire section and the latter represents the diameter of the rim, in inches. For example, 165/70R14 means that the tire width is 165 mm, the flatness rate is 70, and the rim diameter is 14 inches. The letters or symbols in the middle have special meanings: “X” means high-pressure tires; “R” and “Z” mean radial tires; “一” means low-pressure tires.

Layer level: Layer level refers to the nominal number of plies in the tire rubber layer, which is not completely consistent with the actual number of plies, and is an important indicator of tire strength. The level is marked in Chinese, such as level 12; and the level is marked in English, such as “14P.R”, which means level 14.

Rim size: indicates the size of the rim that matches the tire. It is convenient for practical use, such as “standard rim 5.00F”.

Speed ​​grade: The highest speed at which the tire can carry a specified load under specified conditions. The letters A to Z represent the certified speed grade of tires from 4.8km/h to 300km/h. Common speed grades: Q: 160km/h; R: 170km/h; S: 180km/h; T: 190km/h; H: 210km/h; V: 240km/h; W: 270km/h; Y: 300km/ h; Z: ZR speed is higher than 240km/h.

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