How to choose the right tread pattern for ATV TYRES ?

Tires have always been one of the most important parts of a quad. except the first right tire size, choosing the right tread pattern is the second important thing to make a quad performing better and comfortable,when need replace an old atv tire, and purchase next new set ones, we should know that there is all terrain pattern tires, mud tires, sand tires, snow tires, race tyres, or some lawn or turf tyres.

different set of tyres works in different environment,in order to make a right decision, it is important to understand how each different construction for different tyre tread patterns, how different looks the tread patterns have, how they will affect your riding experiences. for example, ATV Mud tires generally have aggressive looks,it need suit for muddy and wet terrain. the pattern has large lugs and wide spaces for grip well in mud. the tread pattern is usually directional, it need have efficient self-cleaning ability to ride well in mud.

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