How to prevent the forklift tires wear ?

We all know that forklift tires will experience wear after a long time of use. Some are normal wear and tear, but there will also be some abnormal wear. So how to prevent it?
When starting, raise the clutch pedal slowly and start smoothly; avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering when driving. When driving, pay attention to the thick, sharp and sharp materials scattered on the road. When encountering obstacles such as rocks and potholes, they should slow down or avoid them. Forklift tire specifications should be determined according to the static load generated by the forklift’s own weight and cargo weight and the dynamic load generated when the forklift is traveling, taking into account the factors of road surface and vehicle speed; the same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, pattern and level; For patterned tires, pay attention to the markings on the rolling direction of the wheels.
Check and correct the wheel alignment in time to ensure that the toe and camber meet the design requirements; check whether the rim is cracked, deformed or obviously corroded, if any, repair or replace a good rim in time to ensure that the rim matches the tire; Keep the tires in balance. If they are unbalanced, the wheels should be dynamically balanced; check the valve exhaust frequently to determine whether oil has entered the tires. Once oil is found in the tires, immediately remove the tires for cleaning and check the air seals. ; The wheel hub oil seal and brake hydraulic cylinder should have no oil leakage to prevent oil from dripping on the tires to soak the rubber; the lateral and radial swing of the wheel assembly should meet the requirements.
In short, mastering the load and air pressure standards, keeping the forklift in good technical condition, normal driving, reasonable selection and matching of tires and reasonable loading, can effectively prevent the abnormal wear of forklift tires and prolong the service life of forklift tires.

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