How to prolong the service life of tires

With the improvement of living standards, all kinds of cars shuttle in the streets and alleys. At the same time, everyone is paying more and more attention to car maintenance. So when we talked about car maintenance, in addition to the maintenance of the three filters, the engine, and the body, the maintenance of the car tires is also the top priority. The tires of a car are like people’s shoes. A pair of nice and comfortable shoes will help you get on the road with less effort.

By the same token, well-maintained tires will let you drive “like a fish in water” on the road. Many people have a doubt, the same car, bought almost in the same time, some people’s tires are still intact, some are “horrible”? Today, the global excel tyres co.,ltd technical person will give you a summary of how car tires should come from Maintenance?   

  1. Regularly monitor the tire pressure

Do tire pressure monitoring for all tires, including spare tires, at least once a month. If you find that the air pressure is decreasing too quickly, please find out the really problem immediately. Look for any nails, cuts, or cracks. At the same time, when pumping up the tires, you must follow the air pressure specified by the car manufacturer, not at will.

  1. Frequently replace the positions of the front and rear tires

In the daily driving of a car, due to the position of the driving wheel and the steering wheel, the location and conditions of the front and rear tires are different. Frequent exchange of the positions of the front and rear tires is conducive to prolonging the service life of the tires. Therefore, it is necessary to change the positions of the front and rear tires frequently.

  1. Prevent oil, acid and sunlight from damaging tires

Because tires are rubber products, in daily use, you must remember not to come in contact with chemicals such as oils, acids, and hydrocarbons, otherwise the tires will be corroded and deformed. In daily parking, it is recommended to park in a place where there is no sunlight to avoid long-term direct sunlight on the tires. At this time, the shade of trees is a good choice.

Finally, everyone must not, if the tire is worn to the level of the wear indicator, you must remember to replace the tire. Because tires that exceed the wear mark are very dangerous to drive on wet ground, because the drainage is low, and the grip on wet ground will be greatly reduced.

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