Introduction of press-on solid tires

The press on solid tire adopts advanced production technology, which completely solves the adhesion between the rubber and the rim, thereby ensuring the strength of the adhesion between the rubber and the rim. The tire formula is scientific and reasonable, high strength, tear resistance, suitable for various industrial vehicles with heavy load and long-distance use.

Compared with pneumatic tires and pneumatic tire rim-type solid tires of the same size, the load-bearing capacity of rim press-fit solid tires is much higher. At low speeds, the load-bearing capacity will even increase many times. Under the same load, the size of the rim press-fit solid tire is much smaller, which can reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, improve the stability and safety of the vehicle, and can also meet the tire size requirements of many vehicles.

press on solid tires are mainly used for reach forklifts, but also for many professional industrial vehicles such as road construction machinery vehicles and construction machinery vehicles.

The company can produce either patterned (TR) or non-patterned (SM) press on solid tires.
Patterned (TR) is mainly to provide good traction, at the same time the grip of the tires is also very good, and the vehicle has a large carrying capacity.
Non-pattern (SM) smooth tires are specially used for non-driving wheels of industrial vehicles such as trailers, supporting rollers on industrial equipment, and occasions to avoid tire indentation, such as road construction vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc. Because smooth tires have no horizontal and longitudinal patterns, the rolling resistance of the tire is small, and the chipping and chipping caused by external force is better than that of patterned tires.

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