Precautions for assembly of heavy machinery tires

Modern building construction is becoming more and more mechanized, which has also promoted the increase in demand for heavy machinery tires, which has led to an increase in the use of heavy machinery and equipment in the agriculture, mining and industrial sectors. It also promotes agricultural tires, Demand for mine tires and industrial tires has grown. The market demand for engineering tires has increased accordingly.
  The tires play a role in supporting the vehicle body, buffering external shocks, and realizing contact with the road surface to ensure the driving of the vehicle. It is subjected to various deformations, load forces, and high and low temperature tests during driving, which is essential for driving. So, what details should be paid attention to when carrying out the assembly process of engineering tires?
  1. Check whether the rim of the engineering tire is deformed or cracked before installing the tire. If there is any problem, the rim needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. The same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, structure, pattern and level. Bias tires and radial tires cannot be mixed.
  3. When assembling a tire with a directional pattern, the rotation direction mark of the tire should be consistent with the driving direction of the vehicle.
  4. The tires must be assembled on the specified vehicle models and rims. Special tools and instruments must be used to install and remove the tires. Hard prying and hard smashing are strictly prohibited.
  5. The disassembly and assembly of tubeless tires should remove the rust and other debris on the surface of the rim, the low seat of the bead and the groove of the O-ring. All tires with O-ring rims need to be fitted with lock rings.
  6. ​​When the construction machinery tires are installed in parallel, the outer diameter difference range of the twin tires should meet the following regulations. When the construction machinery tires are installed in parallel, the outer diameter difference range of the two tires is allowed.

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