Precautions for forklift tire inflation

We know more about forklift tires, so what do you need to pay attention to when inflating forklift tires? Global excel tyres co.,ltd will take you to understand and hope it will be helpful to you.

forklift tires
forklift tires
  1. Pay attention to cleaning when inflating. The filled air should not contain moisture and oil to prevent the rubber of the forklift tire inner tube from decay and damage.
  2. When inflating, you should not exceed the standard pressure and then deflate too much, and you should not inflate too much because you can’t inflate for a long time after going out. If the standard is exceeded too much, it will promote the excessive extension of the cord, resulting in a decrease in its strength The life span of forklift tires.
  3. Before inflating, wipe the dust on the valve mouth, do not loose the valve core, after the inflation is over, apply the soaked water (or saliva) to the valve mouth to check if there is any air leakage (if the air leaks, it will cause a small Air bubbles), and tighten the air [] nozzle caps to prevent mud and sand from entering the forklift tire valve.
  4. When the radial tire is inflated, due to structural reasons, its sinking amount and ground contact area are large, and it is often mistaken that the forklift tires are not inflated and over-inflated; or vice versa, because the sinking amount and ground contact area are inherently relatively large. If the air pressure is lacking, it will be mistaken as sufficient. Use a standard barometer to measure. The operating pressure of radial tires should be 0.5-1.5kg/cm2 higher than that of normal tires.
  5. The barometer used in the vehicle or the tire workshop should be calibrated regularly to ensure that the air pressure is checked accurately.
  6. Forklift tire inflation needs to pay attention to safety. Check the air pressure with a barometer at any time to avoid the tire bursting due to over-inflation.
  7. After stopping the movement, wait for the forklift tires to dissipate heat before inflating, because the tire temperature will rise when the vehicle is moving, which will affect the air pressure.
  8. Check the tire valve of the forklift. If the valve nozzle and the valve core are not flat together, they will be convex and concave and other shortcomings, it is not convenient to inflate and measure the air pressure.

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