Precautions for operation of tire warehouse

  1. The tires should be stored in the warehouse, which should be kept dry, ventilated, and avoid exposure to the sun.
  2. The tires should be far away from heat sources, power generation equipment and ozone production sites. Do not mix with oils, inflammables and chemically corrosive products.
  3. Tires or complete sets of tires should be placed upright, and it is strictly forbidden to lay flat or stack cargoes through the center. Large tires are only allowed to be placed in a single layer, while medium and small tires are allowed to be placed in a double layer. Turn it once every two months.
  4. If the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be filled with a proper amount of air. When hung on a semi-circular wooden frame, the fulcrum should be rotated regularly, and should not be folded flat or stacked.
  5. Tire storage should have an inventory card that records the tire type, specification, level, brand, production and storage time, and store it in batches according to the production and storage time, first in, first out, and use in order.
  6. When loading and transporting tires, do not mix them with oils, combustibles, chemically corrosive products, etc., and cover them with tarpaulin to avoid sunlight or rain. Long-distance transportation must be erected and placed. When the inner tube cannot be packaged separately, it needs to be in the outer tube and inflated appropriately.
  7. Carrying of tubeless tires (1) For the packed tires, do not break the bead protection belt and the steel belt during transportation. (2) The unloaded tires should be kept in a vertical position during storage and transportation, and should not be stored horizontally. (3) Do not use ropes, hooks or forks to lift the tires directly, and use wide-width fiber belts. (4) When using a forklift to transport tires, do not use a fork to insert into the center hole of the bead to lift, and use the fork to lift from the side of the tire.

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