Protective application of off road tires

In the use of construction machinery or vehicles, tires are one of the important components that determine their use effects. As far as the transportation cost is concerned, the cost of tire consumption accounts for a large proportion. The fixed cost of tires also increases with the weight of trucks. Big and increase. Therefore, the correct use of tires can not only extend the service life of tires, but also has important meanings to ensure driving safety and reduce transportation costs.
In order to extend the service life of off road tires and broaden the applicable environment of machinery or vehicles, people have done a lot of work on tire applications. The following editor will briefly introduce a few:
1. The nature of the tire. A tire that does not use an inner tube, but uses a special rubber (inner liner) instead of the inner tube on the inner surface of the tire to ensure the air-tightness of the tire. In the use of tires for different seasons, the nature of the tire requires a larger contact area with the ground to increase the friction between the tire and the ground. Therefore, simple block patterns are mostly used in the tread design to increase the contact surface with the ground. Moreover, in order to enhance the drainage performance on wet roads, the grooves are mostly straight in the circumferential direction.
2, tire protection chain. Tire protection chains are installed on wheel loaders, heavy-duty trucks and other wheeled construction machinery and equipment to increase the service life of tires, reduce tire maintenance man-hours, reduce construction costs, and speed up construction progress. At present, tire protection chains are widely used It is used for quarry, tunnel construction, road construction, dam construction, steel plant and other operations, and it is suitable for various harsh ground.
3. Protective agent. In preventing the surface damage of off road tires, the application of rubber protective products can effectively reduce the impact of sunlight on the tires.

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