Replacement steps for solid tires

  1. Use a hydraulic jack to jack up the car body.

Before jacking up the body, use a wrench to loosen the screws, because if we don’t have the wheels to hang in the air, it will be difficult to tighten the screws. The hydraulic jack should be placed on a flat ground and the fulcrum should not be unstable. Just lift the body to the tires and learn off the ground.

  1. Then turn the screws.

Before screwing the screws, place the spare tire on the bottom of the car to avoid the hydraulic jack from being unstable and suddenly tipping over and causing the tire to be replaced during the screwing process. In the process of screw design, the wrench and the ground form an angle of 45 degrees to better control the force.

  1. The second is unloading tires.

In the process of unloading the tire, if the tire is too sticky, you can alternately kick the left, right, and bottom of the tire with your foot to loosen the tire. In the process of unloading tires by hand, try to wear gloves or wrap your hands with cloth as much as possible. The stains and oil stains on the tires are not our usual dirty. Do you want to find a place to wash your hands after changing the tires in the wilderness But for something difficult.

  1. Install tires.

The weight of the tire plus the wheel hub is still very heavy, if you want to install the tire at a time, it is not easy. It can be done by covering the middle tire first, and then aligning the screw holes. When screwing the screws, you must strictly follow the principle of turning screws diagonally. After a production screw is screwed, screw the screws at the opposite corners. Do not turn clockwise or counterclockwise one by one.

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