Friendway F2-2 RIB tractor tires for sale

STURCTURE: tractor tires for sale
ТИП: Тракторы
MOQ: смешанные размеры всего 1x20-футовый контейнер
РАЗМЕР: 10.00-16 TL 11.00-16 TL
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Many design tractor tires for sale

Farm tires (R1 agricultural)
These are your typical tractor tires that you find on most tractors. They are the most aggressive tire you can get for your tractor. They are ideal for muddy conditions.

Because they are very aggressive tires, they are idea for field work. They?ll get you through all the but the muddiest conditions.

You get the most torque out of these tires especially if they are radial tires.

Turf tires (R3 turf)
Turf tires are very common. You?ll see them on the golf course, in back yard, and just about everywhere.

You use them to avoid damaging the grass. They won?t leave imprints from their tread like a farm tire. They help to distribute weight evenly without making impressions.

Turf tires don?t offer as much torque power, and will slip in wet conditions. If you use turf tires, it is best to use them in dry conditions.

Construction tires (R4 tires less aggressive)
Construction tractor tires are a bit harder material than your typical agricultural tire. The idea behind this type of tire is to give a tractor a bit of traction on a construction site.

They can handle high weights and pavement. They are ideal first such construction equipment as a forklift.

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РазмерPRШаблонТип ободаЗавышенный размерМаксимальная нагрузкаДавление
10.00–16 TL8F2-2RIBw8L2748941280390
10.00–16 TL8F2-3RIBw8L2748941280390
11.00–16 TL8F2-2RIBw10L3159671350345
11.00–16 TL8F2-3RIBw10L3159671350345


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