E3/L3 Affordable Wheel Loader Tires 20.5/70-16 16/70-16 16/70-20 16/70-24 15.5X25 17.5X25 20.5X25 23.5X25 26.5X25 23.5X16 29.5X25

ТИП: БУЛЬДОЗЕР, ГРЕЙДЕР, большегрузные самосвалы, скреперы и погрузчики.
MOQ:Wheel Loader Tires
РАЗМЕР: 20,5 / 70-16 16 / 70-16 16 / 70-20 16 / 70-24
15.5×25 17.5×25 20.5×25 23.5×25 26.5×25 23.5×16
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Wheel Loader Tires

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The manners in which you may have to utilize a Wheel Loader are endless, and there are various things you may potentially require for your tires to oblige those employments.

You might require tires that can deal with delicate soil territory without slipping. You might require tires that will invest a large portion of their energy on asphalt.

You might even need tires that will actually want to drive on grass without harming it to an extreme.

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