Skills for using earthmover tires

The heavy wear and tear of earthmover tires used in poor mine projects has always been a headache for the team. If you do not understand the tire pattern performance and blindly believe that the famous brand is better, it will only consume more money on waste tires.
Scientific, appropriate and correct selection of engineering tires used in mining machinery will greatly improve work efficiency, reduce losses and troubles, and also greatly save costs. For example, an open-pit coal fleet uses tires at the annual tire usage cost under the advice of the Wheel Tire Steering Group. The savings of reducing at least 30% is that the output value is equal to so much money in one year, so the scientific use of tires is very important.
The time aging of tires is not obvious. Whether it is aging, wear, or driving mileage and road conditions account for most of the reasons; that is, driving years cannot be used as the criterion for judging whether to replace tires, but driving kilometers should be used as the main parameter. The key is the degree of tire wear.
The parameters and indicators of the spare tires of general machinery and vehicles are exactly the same as the four tires in use, and they can be interchanged at will when there is a problem with the tires. Ordinary car tires have no directionality. In principle, they can be interchanged left and right. However, it is strongly recommended to replace the broken tire after repairing it. The spare tire is still used as a spare tire to keep this tire intact for a long time in case of emergency. If you use a patched tire as a spare tire, it may happen that you are slow to lose air, and when you want to use the spare tire, you find that the tire is flat. In addition, the spare tire is relatively new and paired with the old tire, which also breaks the above-mentioned principle of paired use.

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