Summer tire maintenance

In the scorching summer, the temperature is so high and the tires are also prone to “sick”, so car owners and friends must pay special attention to the maintenance of the tires. The following four suggestions are for reference:

Recommendation 1: The air pressure should be standard

The first step is to prepare a barometer. You can buy a better barometer from an auto supply store. You need a mechanical one. There will be errors after a period of time. Anyway, a barometer can be used for a long time.

The second step is to get up in the morning and measure the air pressure before starting the vehicle (check once a month). Because the tire will completely cool down after 4 hours of driving, the air pressure measured at this time is the most accurate.

The third step is to see if there is a difference between the measured value and the standard value. The standard tire pressure is marked on the driver’s door or on the side of the door. If it is too high, let off some air. If it is below the standard, you need to add air. It is best to inflate the distance to the inflation point not to exceed 1.6 kilometers, because after the car is left for 4 hours, the tire pressure is within 1.6 km. It is still accurate. If it exceeds 1.6km, charge 5% more when inflating.

Recommendation 2: Choose parking

First, when parking in summer, you should park your car in a place where there is no long-term exposure to sunlight, because long-term exposure to the sun, the tire rubber will be exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which will cause the tire rubber surface to age, and the chance of a tire blowout is also Enlarged.

Second, parking should ensure that all four wheels are parked on the same level ground, and the car must not be parked on a high and low road. Otherwise, the tire at the lowest point will be subjected to excessive pressure, which will cause the steel wire inside the tire to deform and cause damage to the tire.

Recommendation 3: Clean tires

The car mainly cleans the tires regularly to prevent foreign matter in the grooves of the tire pattern. If you find foreign matter such as nails pierced into the tire, do not rush to pull it out. You should immediately drive to a professional tire store for help.

Recommendation 4: Check regularly

Due to the increase in temperature in summer, the tread is softer than in winter, which theoretically accelerates tire wear. Generally, the tire service life stipulated by the manufacturer is between 80,000 and 100,000 kilometers (or about 5 years), but the specific situation still depends on the driving situation of the owner, so the tire wear must be checked regularly to ensure safety Driving.

Daily tire maintenance is simple and easy to learn. As long as every car owner develops a good habit of paying attention to tire usage and checking hidden dangers in time, they can better utilize tire performance and ensure travel safety.

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