The air pressure of OTR tires has a major impact on life

When it comes to the service life of construction machinery tires, most people think of the quality of the road at a time. Little does it know that the internal causes of the tire have a greater impact on its lifespan. The so-called tire pressure, that is, the inflation standard of various tires, is specified according to the large load allowed during work and the properties of the material used to make the tire. Its function is to ensure that the deformation of the tire does not exceed the allowable range under the actual load and maintain sufficient elasticity.
Insufficient or high air pressure of engineering tires will greatly reduce the service life of the tires and cause early damage to the tires. The test proves that when the tire pressure is 85% of the specified air pressure, the mileage will be reduced by 20%. If a new tire can travel 50,000 km, the air pressure will drop by 15%, reducing the service life of 10,000 km; if the air pressure is only When the required 50% is reached, the mileage of the tire will be reduced by 75%, even if the new tire only travels 10,000 km, it will be scrapped.
Insufficient air pressure damages tires mainly due to the following reasons:
1. The degree of tire deformation exceeds the allowable range. During driving, excessive flexing and bending of the sidewall will occur, and the friction of the cord layer in the tire will increase, which will cause the line layer to open, loose and break.
2. The tire does not fit tightly with the rim, causing the tire to rotate on the rim, increasing the wear of the outer bead and the damage of the inner tube air resistance. In severe cases, the rim flange will crush the inner and outer tires.
3. When the tire pressure is too low, when encountering obstacles, the local deformation is too large, causing cracks in the carcass and causing hidden dangers. When the speed is high, it will suddenly burst.
4. The rear wheel twin tires are deformed too much, and the inner side of the tires will rub against each other and damage the sidewalls. If one tire has high air pressure and the other has insufficient air pressure, it will increase the load on the tire with high air pressure and accelerate its wear.
5. Due to the low air pressure and the excessive deformation of the tire, the tire temperature will increase when the tractor is running, and the strength of the rubber and cord layer will decrease.
The main reasons for damage to tires due to high air pressure are as follows:
1. Too high internal pressure causes excessive tension on the cord layer and reduces its strength.
2. If the internal pressure is too high, the ground contact area of ​​the tire will be reduced, which will increase the wear of the middle part of the tread and the tread will easily crack.
3. The tire elasticity decreases, the cord is easy to break when encountering obstacles during driving, and it may even cause the tire to burst. Due to the decrease in elasticity, the vibration of the vehicle is intensified, causing early wear and tear of other parts.
Tires not only carry the entire mass of the car, but also push the car forward, and at the same time play a role in mixing the impact of the ground. The tires installed on transportation vehicles account for about 15% to 20% of the total value of the vehicle, and the cost of tire consumption in use accounts for about 16% to 22% of the transportation cost. Therefore, the correct use of tires is very important to save costs.

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