The meaning of solid tire specifications

How solid tire specifications are expressed. A solid tire means that the carcass of the tire does not need to be inflated, nor does it need to be filled with liquid, sponge or other non-solid materials. It is entirely made of rubber, has a certain degree of hardness and elasticity, and is used for load-bearing Vehicle load and walking tires. According to national standards, the current solid tires are divided into two series: pneumatic tires, rim-type solid tires and steel rim press-fit type solid tires.

  1. Pneumatic tire rim type solid tire Pneumatic tire rim type solid tire is a solid tire that can be used interchangeably with pneumatic tires of the same specification. Compared with pneumatic tires, it has the advantages of high safety, puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and long life. It is an ideal replacement product for pneumatic tires in the field of industrial vehicles. With the development of industrial vehicles and the improvement of solid tire production technology, this type of tire has been more and more widely used. The specification of rim-type solid tires for pneumatic tires is expressed as follows: A.7.00-12/5.0 7.00–nominal tire section width (inch) 12–nominal rim diameter (inch) 5.0–nominal rim width (inch) B.300 -15/8.0 300–Nominal tire section width (mm) x 15–Nominal rim diameter (inch) 8.0–Nominal rim width (inch) C.28×9-15/8.0 28–Nominal tire outer diameter (inch) 9–Nominal tire section width 15–Nominal rim diameter (inch) 8.0–Nominal rim width (inch) D.355/65-15/9.75 355–Nominal tire section width (mm) 65–Nominal tire section Aspect ratio (%) 15–nominal rim diameter (inch) 9.75–nominal rim width (inch)
  2. Steel rim press-fit solid tires Steel rim press-fit solid tires refer to solid tires that bond rubber to the rim and press-fit to the wheel hub by a press during use. The representation method of rim press-fit solid tire is as follows: A.21x7x15 21–Nominal outer diameter of tire (inch) 7–Nominal tire width (inch) 15–Nominal inner diameter of tire (inch) B.533x178x381 533– Nominal outer diameter of tire (mm) 178–nominal tire width (mm) 381–nominal inner diameter of tire (mm)

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