The role of carbon black in the rubber industry

Carbon black is mainly used in tire products in the rubber industry. The carbon black used in the tire industry accounts for more than 80% of the carbon black required by the entire rubber industry. Generally, rubber products other than tires of various motor vehicles (including motorcycles) are collectively referred to as “rubber products”. The carbon black consumed by rubber products every year accounts for about 20% of the carbon black used in rubber.

There are many types of rubber products, with different use conditions and performance requirements. According to the main use functions, the products include tapes, hoses, rubber sheets, rubber shock-absorbing products, rubber sealing products, rubber rollers, conductive or antistatic rubber products, hard rubber, and There are several categories of products such as rubber shoes, and each category of rubber products is refined into several varieties according to the purpose and use conditions.

In order to meet the performance and use requirements of various products, rubber formulators choose reasonable formulas and various compounding agents from the use of rubber, vulcanization system, reinforcing filling system, softening system, anti-aging system and adding 3252 art system. And processing conditions to meet the requirements of product performance.

Carbon black is an important reinforcing filler in the reinforcing filling system. It has an important influence on the physical and mechanical properties and processing technology of the rubber compound, but it has a far impact on the heat resistance, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance of the rubber compound. Not as big and direct as rubber, vulcanization system and protection system.

For this reason, the general rubber formulators do not pay much attention to the specific performance indicators of a certain carbon black as much as the carbon black technicians. They often only pay attention to the selection of a certain type of carbon black, and do not examine the specific indicators of the use of carbon black in detail or pass different Varieties of carbon black are used together, and carbon black and inorganic fillers are used together to meet the requirements of the product. So it is difficult to quantify the impact of specific physical and chemical indicators of carbon black.

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