Tire maintenance

Regarding the topic of how to use and maintain summer tires, it is something that many people are worried about. How can everyone avoid tire blowouts as much as possible in the face of summer heat~

In the face of the rising high temperature in summer, the tire pressure will also increase when the vehicle is driving on dry and hot roads. If the tire temperature and tire pressure are found to be too high, do not deflate or pour cold water, and choose to park in a cool place. , Make the tire temperature and pressure drop naturally. There are many reasons for a puncture, and deterioration of tire performance is the culprit. When the tire gradually wears out, the steel wire layer gradually fatigues, and the tread is aging, its performance will inevitably weaken. Therefore, in the hot summer, we must first ensure that our car uses a high-quality “healthy” tire.

Check tire pressure frequently
In the scorching summer, the tire is in contact with the hot ground. If the tire pressure is high, it is likely to cause a puncture. Therefore, experts recommend that car owners do not let the tire pressure be too high when driving in high temperatures, and can go to the 4s shop for necessary inspections.

When using solid tires, you should also pay attention to the speed of the vehicle and the length of the vehicle’s operating time. The speed of the vehicle should not exceed the tire setting parameters, and it should not be operated for a long time, so as not to cause the internal temperature of the tire to be too high and cause the tire to burst.

Don’t accelerate or brake quickly
When driving, do not often make abnormal driving such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and sudden steering. Because this way of driving will cause the tire to deform sharply, it is easy to wear too fast, and cause the tire to burst.

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