Tire upgrades are not that simple

Most people may know that the reason why people change tires is usually because the tires can no longer meet their own requirements, such as excessive tire noise, excessively hard sidewalls, poor handling, and so on. Do you know how important it is to match the size and specifications of a tire with the vehicle when changing a tire?

The tire is responsible for four important tasks: support, communication, ease, and stop. “Support” is the basic function of supporting various actions of the vehicle; “transmission” is the actual transmission of the driving force of the road, that is, “grip”; the “moderation” function is to cooperate with the suspension system to absorb the vibration from the road, so that it will not Directly convey to the vehicle; as for “stop”, as the name implies, it is to stop the vehicle.

According to relevant experts, if there is not enough power, it is meaningless to blindly increase the tire size. Only on the premise of sufficient vehicle power, will the tire specifications be upgraded to be effective, one is to improve the vehicle’s grip, and the other is to effectively enhance the vehicle’s handling performance.

For car owners who want to upgrade their tires, the most important thing is to confirm what size their tires can be upgraded to. Here is the simplest principle, that is, the difference between the entire diameter of the upgraded tire specifications and the “diameter data” of the previous tire must be controlled within 3%.

Experts also suggest that those “prospective car owners” who are about to buy a new car should not change their tires at the same time they buy a new car. Once the original tyre is removed, it becomes the so-called “floor tire”, and the “floor tire” cannot be exchanged for too much cash, which is equivalent to discarding the brand new original tire in vain, which is very wasteful.

Therefore, the original tires should still be used first. When there is dissatisfaction and there are areas that must be improved, the car owner then upgrades the tires.

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