What are the precautions when replacing giant tyres

The use of vehicles has brought great convenience to our travel and development. As we all know, the service life of tires has a time limit. So what are the precautions when replacing engineering tires? Next, I will take you Get up and take a look!
  The replacement of giant tires must be operated by personnel, using special equipment and tools, if improper installation methods are used, it may cause personal injury. The replacement tires should have the same specifications as the previous tires, so that unnecessary effects can be reduced. When installing the tire, install it according to the front and back of the tire. If the installation direction is not correct, it may cause uneven tire wear and potential accidents. Just install the side with the number toward the front of the wheel hub.
  When installing new tires, install the new tires on the rear axle of the vehicle to increase the drainage capacity of the rear wheels, thereby reducing the risk of driving in rainy weather. Therefore, if only two new tires are installed, they should be pressed on the rear wheels. To locate the tires, the role of wheel positioning is to keep the car stable and straight and easy to steer, and to reduce the wear of the tires and steering parts of the car during driving. When replacing new tires, four-wheel alignment should be done once. The role of wheel alignment is to keep the car stable in a straight line and steer lightly, and to reduce the wear and tear of the tires and steering parts when the car is driving. Remove the screws one by one in a diagonal manner. The screws should be put in place after they are removed.
   often use tire pressure gauge or tire pressure monitoring system to check tire pressure. If the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to increase the wear of the tire and may also cause a puncture. If it is too low, it will increase the fuel consumption and the bumpy feeling of the vehicle. When the tire pattern is worn to the level of the wear mark, replace the tire. When the tire is replaced, the valve must be replaced in time. The aging cycle of the new tire and the valve is different, and the valve may have problems. Timely replacement can avoid this problem.

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