What are the structures of forklift solid tires?

What are the structures of forklift solid tires?

Have you heard about solid tires for forklifts before this? I believe you have seen solid tires for forklift trucks. Then the editor will lead you to learn about the related content of solid tires for forklifts. Are you looking forward to it?

Forklift solid tire three-layer structure
Let’s start to enter the topic. Let’s first understand the structure of forklift solid tires and its advantages, and then explain the scope of its application. Let’s increase our impression of it.

Tear-resistant tread rubber-tear resistance, low heat generation, long-term use of high elastic intermediate rubber-reduce internal heating, strong shock absorption, high elasticity, good cushioning effect, comfortable driving, and prolong service life

High-rigidity base rubber-add high-strength wire bead, improve the fit between tire and rim, prevent idling and slip, high-elasticity, easy-to-install solid tire

The installation is convenient and simple, no lock ring, retaining ring and cushion belt are needed. There is a sharp edge on the part of the cusp, commonly known as a nose.

According to customer requirements, we can develop unlisted standard tires, white (color) non-marking tires, and customize non-standard tires according to customer requirements.

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