what is the ATV TIRES

The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (a vehicle suitable for all terrains). ATV tires are special tires adapted to this type of vehicle. ATV tires are mainly used in ATV off-road vehicles,which made of high-quality rubber.
At present, the mainstream ATV tires in the world are mostly high-speed, high-performance, flat, tubeless high-end motorcycle tires. mainly used in ATV and GO CART.

ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) , its wide surface can increase the friction with ground, coupled with the unique tread pattern to make the tires not easy to spin and slip, so easier to drive on the beach, riverbed, forest road, and even harsher desert terrain can be easily conquered by it.
ATV tires are tubeless tires, they have many specifications and tread patterns to choose from, looks wide and cool.

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