when should i do a solid tire be replacement ?

Solid tires are an important part of our daily forklift driving. The quality of the tires will also determine the comfort and safety of the forklift. The tires of a vehicle are more important. Under what circumstances do you need to change the tires?

  1. Excessive wear of tire markings. There is a slightly raised tread wear indicator at the bottom of the tread pattern groove, with a height of 1.6 mm. If the tread rubber patches are worn to the same height as these raised symbols, the tires need to be replaced, and continuous driving is no longer safe.
  2. Using excessively worn tires on wet and slippery roads will cause “water drifting” and increase the risk of driving out of control. Due to the excessively worn tires, the tread pattern cannot drain the water under the tires, which will cause the vehicle to lose control.
  3. The tires are aging. If you find that there is a deformation of the tread or obvious cracks, then these tires need to be stopped, and a professional tire technician should be checked in time to determine whether the tire can still be used continuously.
  4. The tyre studs have been repaired more than three times. One or two repairs will not affect the use of the tire, but after more than three times, it is recommended to replace the tire for safety reasons. As the temperature inside the tire increases when driving at high speeds, the damage is relatively large. Although it has been repaired, there is still a probability of risk.

  5. Generally, tires need to be replaced as much as possible if they are damaged. Repairing will have some safety hazards.

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