Why are car tires black

The car tires in the world are not black at the beginning.

Since natural rubber is white, the first tire in human history is actually white.

In addition to black and white, pink and iridescent tires were designed by designers more than a hundred years ago, and the final product is also very satisfying.

But why are the tires still black now?

It is reported that the earliest designed tires were not equipped with many functions, such as wear resistance, hot melt, and grip, due to the use of pure natural rubber.

After adding the corresponding other raw materials for mixing, such as carbon black, the researchers found that the life of the tire increased by 4-5 times.

This is definitely good news for family cars.

In order to make the rubber bond more tightly and the tires stronger, since then, carbon black has become one of the fixed raw materials for tires.

Carbon black is black, so the tire also turns black.

In addition, some studies have shown that rolling colored tires and iridescent tires are more eye-catching, which is quite dangerous for pedestrians or drivers on the road.

Of course, black tires have another obvious advantage: no matter what color the body is, it can match and control black tires well.

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