Why mostly forklift tires black?

Tires are an important part of vehicles. Many people are accustomed to black tires. However, many people know that the raw material is rubber and the rubber is white. Why are the tires manufactured in black?
The first-generation tires developed in the world do not actually have any patterns. Natural rubber has good elasticity. Using rubber as a tire can reduce the bumpy feeling during driving, but natural rubber has inherent disadvantages in its wear resistance, hot melt, and grip. It cannot withstand friction and is easily damaged. Until the 19th century, scientists discovered that after adding black carbon black to pure rubber, the elasticity and abrasion resistance were greatly improved, and the lifespan was increased by 4-5 times, and black tires were therefore used.
Wear resistance and anti-aging rate are important indicators for distinguishing. In the raw materials, rich carbon black can play an excellent role in wear resistance, cut resistance, and tear resistance, so it is safer.
According to the manufacturing process adopted by Hyundai, it is not difficult to produce other colors, but black tires with carbon black raw materials can truly balance performance and price. Of course, with the development of the tire industry, safe and practical colored tires may also appear.

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