Winter tire maintenance tips

In winter, there are more rain and snow. Knowing the skills of tire maintenance in winter can not only extend the service life, but also avoid driving risks and ensure the safety of people and vehicles. Teach car owners some tips on winter tire maintenance to help you travel safely and drive happily.

First of all, before driving in winter, check the tire pressure; check whether there is any freezing of the tire ground caused by water or snow melting between the ground and the tire, and clean up the inclusions in the tire tread in time, and replace the more worn tires. Tires.

Secondly, before driving the tires in winter, perform reasonable warm-up work for the tires. After the vehicle starts, drive slowly for 1-3 kilometers. If the tires encounter a segmented icy road during driving, do not press the edges to drive, so as to avoid sharpness. The icy surface scratches the tire.

Finally, remember to equip your car with a high-performance all-road tire, which is not only easy and convenient to maintain, but also can greatly help the owner to avoid the danger of driving.

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